How people talk.

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No . 1ย  The fake accent.

These people know that they don’t speak like this , and yet they do.

Which is sometimes so annoying!

They think by doing this they come off as smart or respectable. But in reality they don’t.

No. 2 ย The Yeller

Now the reason I wrote that in caps is because writing in caps indicates yelling ,so. These people speak at a loud voice and don’t realise that they’re yelling. I don’t blame them, maybe they aren’t able to hear themselves and that is why they yell ? Or they are just really stressed.

No. 3 The Usain Bolts

How does Usain Bolt have anything to do with this ? 

He doesn’t. What I mean is that these people talk super fast and sometimes stutter . Other people fail to understand what they’re saying . It could be because they’re excited about something and yet speak fast . Maybe . ๐Ÿคท I fall under this category. Believe me I do try  to talk slow but I just can’t .

No. 4ย  The whisperer

No, not the animal whisperer,

the literal whisperer .

They speak so softly that  even a bat can’t hear them . These people can be shy too . Well maybe they’re saving their voice for something ? 

What do you think ? Tell me in the comments below !!

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  1. Satya Rajanala says:

    Man thatโ€™s true. Great Job!

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