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Credit – Amy Lynn, BNatMed

What do you think is worse – Overeating or Under – eating ?

What do you think affects your body more ?

Overeating is a global concern and an ongoing phenomenon, which has caused researchers to investigate the impact it has on society.

The human body is a 100% capable to stop eating once full, but it actually depends on our willpower and self-control.

Within the last decade alone, we have seen diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, high cholesterol, obesity, kidney failure, metabolic disruption and colon cancers and many more.

But………. What about under – eating ? Is it as harmful ?

Often when we decide to go on a diet, we may suddenly stop eating and go from one extreme to another by nibbling on carrots and nuts (healthy, but not enough!).

Hormonal imbalances are common amongst those who under eat and are nutritionally deprived.

I guess that’s enough for one post , maybe I’ll do another one on this topic . Lemme know !!

Summary – eat, but only till your body’s requirements. Or if eating makes you happy , then why not !!

– Abigail 💙 💜


  1. Thank you for your informative post. I try to practice moderation. I’m not always successful at it but most days I eat healthy and the right portions. When I go out though, I enjoy myself and my food. Take care.

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