Being accident prone. ☹️☹️

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Do you know someone who gets hurt all the time ? Or someone who is really clumsy ?

And why do all of my blogs begin with a question ? Hmmmm

Anyways, I am accident prone. That doesn’t mean that I get into accidents everytime , I just get hurt every now and then.

Well, most of the time I’m not even doing anything to get hurt, like now I was just walking and then I banged my knee on the bed post . I thought that the worst that could happen would be, that it would get a bit purple, but no! My knee loves to bleed .

One of the worst injuries that I’ve ever gotten were not entirely my fault. And all of them have left scars.

Glass in my toe –

So this one is pretty interesting. I was at a birthday party which I did not want to go to but I still did. So these kids were pushing each other around near glasses filled with water and then suddenly one kid falls on to the glasses and then those glasses shatter all around. And one piece of glass goes inside my toe. I didn’t realise at all. Then summer notices that there is a trail of blood on the floor. And then I realise start the blood is dripping from my foot. It wasn’t even paining a bit. After a while I go home and all of a sudden mojito starts paining. Weird right.

The push and fall.

I I was in 3rd grade and we were running around in a circle. And the girl running in front of me suddenly stops so do I, but the girl behind me doesn’t and she ends up pushing me over. I fall down on the ground and my knee gets scratched, at least that’s what I thought. After about 20 seconds I realise that my knee is deeply wounded. It was bleeding like anything. My teacher then ask me to go and wash it up in the washroom and I did. Then when I come back I see my teacher taking stretching exercises. And she asked me to participate with the others like my knee hasn’t gone through enough. So I did do the exercises and my teacher thought I was pretty good so she asked me to come up in the front and teach others. My knee then took an extra week to heal.

Cut fingers

Well this happened when I was one so I don’t remember much of it or any of it but I’ll tell you what my mom and dad told me. So we were in a jewelry store that had glass doors, so when a customer opened the door I put my tiny fingers inside it and it got cut . I think you can imagine what happened after that.

Bye !

– Abigail 💙💜



  1. Dude, I am sooooooo clumsy! 😂😂 you have a very nice blog! My middle name is actually Abigail!

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    1. Abi says:

      That’s great !!

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      1. That I’m clumsy or that my middle name is Abigail? 😂😂😂 (totally just messing with you😂)

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  2. Dulcy Singh says:

    It was interesting .I also fall now and then without reasons 😊

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  3. Proxywords says:

    A relatable post. I’m also accident prone, i can totally understand your situation 😊

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