Problems in texting πŸ“±

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How often do you text someone? I think almost everyone has encountered a situation in which you are just annoyed over someone’s texting skills.

Problems in texting

No 1- The Acronym Maker

Ok so these people don’t use the acronyms that already exist but instead come up with new ones in their native language. For example my friend texted me this once – ‘ dykwadt’ . Now I didn’t really get so I asked her what it meant, and she said ‘ Do you know what Andrea did today ?’ How on earth was I supposed to know that !?! She continued doing this until one day I asked her “why do you make up your own acronyms if no one is going to understand them? “ She said this ” It’s because it is very easy to understand and it makes my life easier.” I dunno what to say anymore 😐

No 2- The Snail

Snails are slow and so are they. These people take sooooooo long to just type one sentence, one sentence! For example – Another friend and I were having a conversation once and she took so long to type and I begun to wonder ‘ What on earth is she typing?!?

And you what did she respond with ? “Ok” No that’s it thats all she said . She took three minutes to type that. I got so anxious because of that.

No 3- Someone Slow them down!

These people love to type fast and that’s great compared to the snails, but they misspell half of the words in order to type fast. Example – ‘ Anigaol’ What was that supposed to mean ? ‘Abigail’

Might do a part 2

– Anigaol πŸ₯΄


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