Sad things that happen in life πŸ˜”

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That time when you’re sitting in a place peacefully and you scoot over for just a second and a bird poops on you. Why ?

That moment when you look away for a second and then something amazing happens and you miss it. Why ?

That time when decide to go on a trip and then cancel it and something awesome happens on the trip. Why ?

That time when you miss school for a day and something epic happens, everything changes in just one day and you miss it too. Why ?

That time when you are a 100 percent sure about passing a test because you have studied hard for it and it turns out the test was for a different completely unrelated subject. Why ?

– Abigail πŸ˜”

P.S what are the sad things that happen in your life (not as sad your grandmother dying, no)


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