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I have an elder brother who is 12 years older than me, my mom and him spent a lot of time together. She thought that he was going to be an only child and so, taught him the importance of sharing. And then I was born so she knew that my brother was definitely gonna share his stuff with me, and he did. But I didn’t.

I just don’t like people touching my belongings, that’s it. And especially without my permission.

Whenever something new and interesting is brought home ( mostly food ) I will always finish it leaving nothing for others. The thing is, if you want something for yourself you can keep it inside the fridge as long as three to six days and do whatever you want to do with it. But if it stays inside longer than that I am going to eat it.

Those are the rules. Well no one agreed upon it, but those are the rules!

Some of my sharing experiences (also the reason I hesitate to share)

I was on a trip, we stopped for some ice cream because we were bored and hungry. Everyone was going to get ice cream except my friend ( let’s call her N ) I asked whether she was sure about not getting ice cream, and she said yes because apparently she had a sore throat.

So I got 2 scoops of chocolate chip ice cream. N was sitting besides me, so I offered her 1 spoon because she had a sore throat and I didn’t want to worsen that. She took 3 spoons of it instead. I kept telling myself ‘ Okay so she’ll stop now, or now, or now !’ But she didn’t. She kept on going. She definitely ate more of it than I did.

There were only 4 spoons left. Me being desperate to save that for myself moved to another table on the other end of the cafe. N was surprised and asked me to give her some more. I offered to get her another bowl, just for her but she said that she had a “ sore throat” so she couldn’t. What’s worse is that she has this irritating habit of swirling the ice-cream until it melts and then drinking it. And I prefer eating frozen ice-cream instead of that mess. I didn’t even notice she did that. You might be thinking, maybe it just melted? No! All of this happened in only 4 minutes.

It turned into ice-cream soup. ( This isn’t my ice-cream, just a representation )

Everytime I share something there’s not much left for me…


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