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North East India

This actually contains pictures and their information.

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No. 1 Meghalaya

I’m in awe with it !!

This is my personal favourite. Since I’ve actually walked in this bridge I can tell what it’s about. This bridge is made out of the living roots of many trees combined. Yes you heard it right it is made out of roots . The bridge is layered with bricks which makes it easier to walk through it . And below is a beautiful stream with crystal clear water ! And no, this is not photoshopped.

I thought that the boats were levitating!!
Btw Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya.

No. 2 Sikkim

No, Sikkim isn’t all covered in snow .
Hey ! I’ve been here too!!

Nathu la pass is the border between India and China.

No. 3. Mizoram

Pretty isn’t it?

I wasn’t able to obtain a lot of pictures of Mizoram.

No .4 Arunachal Pradesh

This state has the first sunrise point in all of India !!

No. 5 Tripura & Darjeeling ( West Bengal)

No. 6 Assam

Now Assam is famous for its tea and its plains . Also there aren’t a lot of hills in Assam.

Btw Guwahati is the capital of Assam.

No. 7 Nagaland

No. 8 Manipur

So I guess that’s it for this blog !!

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  1. Wow! I love these pictures, especially the tree root bridge

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that ❤️

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  2. You’re welcome ♥️
    You definitely should make a trip here!

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  3. inspirechief says:

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures. India is such a beautiful and diverse country. I would like to visit someday. Take care and thank you for following.

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