Going out in lockdown.

Welcome to –

My fussy handwriting 😬

When lockdown in Goa was first announced I was halfway through my school’s final exams for the year.

It was a Sunday, I came back from church to go study for my next exam, science. Which I wasn’t so confident about .

And then the lockdown was announced! I was happy that I didn’t have to go to school, but what about next year? Was I going to school then ?

And then I didn’t leave the house for 67 days straight. On the 68 day I got fed up and stepped out of my door and came back inside. Honestly, I didn’t mind staying inside.

But first lemme tell you , online classes aren’t the worst . Think on the bright side.

You don’t have to wake up early In the morning, half asleep, eat breakfast in a hurry and then run after the bus because your late. Now all you have to do is wake up , wash your face, put on a neat shirt and then just sit.

Although you do sometimes miss human companionship. πŸ˜•

So I went for walks a few times. And I removed my mask for a second because I was sweating inside and wanted some fresh air, and this guy next to me farts, 😐 and since then I haven’t removed my mask in public once .

– Abigail πŸ’™πŸ’œ


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