Problems in texting [2]

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Problems in texting 2

No 4- The well Wisher

I have no problem with these people, but they tend to send you a picture or a gif or a voice message or a text wishing you Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night, Happy New month, Happy New week, and what not. And if you don’t reply they send 13 questions marks.

No 5- The forward or get bad luck freak

You know what I’m just going to paste the message here because it was just too long to screenshot.


I love you πŸ’œ
but i am not your lover.
i hug you 😘
but i am not ur life partner.
I care for you 😍
but i am not from your family.
I am ready to share your painπŸ˜‹ but i am not in your blood relation.

They are… Friends ! πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­
A True friend scolds like a Dad !
Cares like a Mom !
Irritates like a Sister !
Teases like a Brother !
And finally
Loves you more than a lover. ❀❀

Send to all your special frends who mean a lot to you.😘
Life is Really Nothing
without love & care .
Give it to everyone ,
But don’t expect it Back ,
it’s a Feel Not a Deal…!❀
πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅
Always try to spend few seconds
with ur friends even if you r busy.
Because one day you can get free time
but not your friends back
So be in touch!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘…
Love u loads u idiot❀😘
We make many
Some become Dearest,πŸ’‘
Some become Special,πŸ‘«
Some We Fall in Love with,πŸ’
Some go Abroad,✈️
Some change their cities,🏯
Some Leave us 🚢
We Leave some,πŸ’ƒ
Some are in contact,☎
Some are not in contactπŸ‘Ž
N Some don’t contact❌
because of their ego,πŸ’
We don’t contact some ❌
because of our ego,πŸ™‡
Wherever they are busy
However they are,πŸ˜­πŸ˜ƒ
We still remember,✨✨
Miss, πŸ˜­πŸ’
N Care πŸ‘ΌπŸ™πŸ˜”
about them because of the part they played, πŸ‘―πŸ’πŸ‘« in our life
Send this to all ur friends
no matter how often you talk or how close you areβœŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŒβœŒ
Let old friends know you haven’t forgotten them πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’“πŸ’—
& tell new friends you will never forget
❕Cheers To friendshipβ•πŸ»
Without Friends — days are
“Sad day,
so be in touch everyday…
wats life witout frnds 😎😘
So many straws in 1 pepsi
So mch fight 4 1 chocolate
So mny hands in 1 chips packet
So mny frnds in 1 bench
So much laughter 4 1 stupid joke
So mny phone cals in 1 bday n8
So mny hugs 4 1 little wry
So mny tears 4 1 little fight
So mny absentees 4 1 smal test
“Lying on a friend’s shoulder 4 a smple prblm..!!
FRIENDS” r d bst part of our smal life..
Snd dis msg to al ur gd frnz whm u nvr wan lose..Β€.
i did it…:-)
LUV U Stupid…..!!!!Whosoever stop this sms wil b unhappy for 1yr.Tell ur 10 BEST FRENDS dat u luv them(evn me)Sry cant stop cozLove u yaar….:-)😘❀

😘 😘
😘 😘
😘 😘
😘 😘

😘 😘
😘 😘
😘 😘
😘 😘


😘 😘
😘 😘
😘 😘
😘 😘
😘 😘
😘 😘
send to10 best frnds (+me)
see MAGIC in7mins..

I know it’s sweet, but why is it so long !

No 6- The no response

I don’t know what problem these kind of people have but they do read your text, but they don’t reply ever. Even if it is something really important they don’t reply. But sometimes they do, but only after a day or two.

No 7- Immediate responder

I come under this, I don’t know why but I have the urge to text back immediately after someone’s texts me. But if I don’t text back soon or if I read your message and still didn’t that means I’m not interested in talking to you.

– Abigail πŸ’™


Stupidity at its best

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Note – I am not saying I’m not stupid all I’m saying is that they beat me in the ‘ Who’s stupider ‘ contest.

Ever felt like someone is just too stupid for you and you can’t tolerate them any longer, well I’ve had experience in that area.

A mathematical genius

My ex classmate used to drive not only me but the whole class nuts. One day after maths class she whispers with her sweaty lips, into my ears and says, also I quote ‘ If 1+1 is 2 then 2+2 is 3 ! I am a genius with this I can cure cancer ( followed by an evil laugh ) ‘ I have absolutely no idea how she managed to pass 7th grade.

The future astrophysicist.

The same classmate once announced to the class that she found 12 people living on the sun that look just like her and are wanting to take her to the sun, so she is going there for a research that NASA recruited her for and to meet her doppelgangers. Sometimes I think she’s high or something…

I’m right you’re wrong.

Some people are really adamant that whatever they say is correct and everyone else is wrong. So I met this 12 year old girl who says that Barack Obama is actually indian , that Taj Mahal was built by the Britishers, that India’s population is 3 billion,that U.K and U.S.A are in the same continent and much more.

Might do a part 2 on this too…

– Abigail πŸ’™πŸ’œ

Going out in lockdown.

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My fussy handwriting 😬

When lockdown in Goa was first announced I was halfway through my school’s final exams for the year.

It was a Sunday, I came back from church to go study for my next exam, science. Which I wasn’t so confident about .

And then the lockdown was announced! I was happy that I didn’t have to go to school, but what about next year? Was I going to school then ?

And then I didn’t leave the house for 67 days straight. On the 68 day I got fed up and stepped out of my door and came back inside. Honestly, I didn’t mind staying inside.

But first lemme tell you , online classes aren’t the worst . Think on the bright side.

You don’t have to wake up early In the morning, half asleep, eat breakfast in a hurry and then run after the bus because your late. Now all you have to do is wake up , wash your face, put on a neat shirt and then just sit.

Although you do sometimes miss human companionship. πŸ˜•

So I went for walks a few times. And I removed my mask for a second because I was sweating inside and wanted some fresh air, and this guy next to me farts, 😐 and since then I haven’t removed my mask in public once .

– Abigail πŸ’™πŸ’œ

How people talk.

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This time let’s do –


No . 1Β  The fake accent.

These people know that they don’t speak like this , and yet they do.

Which is sometimes so annoying!

They think by doing this they come off as smart or respectable. But in reality they don’t.

No. 2 Β The Yeller

Now the reason I wrote that in caps is because writing in caps indicates yelling ,so. These people speak at a loud voice and don’t realise that they’re yelling. I don’t blame them, maybe they aren’t able to hear themselves and that is why they yell ? Or they are just really stressed.

No. 3 The Usain Bolts

How does Usain Bolt have anything to do with this ? 

He doesn’t. What I mean is that these people talk super fast and sometimes stutter . Other people fail to understand what they’re saying . It could be because they’re excited about something and yet speak fast . Maybe . 🀷 I fall under this category. Believe me I do try  to talk slow but I just can’t .

No. 4Β  The whisperer

No, not the animal whisperer,

the literal whisperer .

They speak so softly that  even a bat can’t hear them . These people can be shy too . Well maybe they’re saving their voice for something ? 

What do you think ? Tell me in the comments below !!

  • Abigail πŸ’™πŸ’œ

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