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Cows are considered sacred in India. You kill a cow you get almost 10 years in prison ( well in most cases )

Hindus don’t worship cows, most of them just pay an immense amount of respect to them. Want to know more about this ? Click here

So today I went for a round of grocery shopping, my mom and I bought loads of stuff, then we stopped at a stationary/cosmetic/convience store. My mom went inside and asked me to guard all the stuff we just bought. I was a bit hesitant at first because there was a cow standing right next to me and it didn’t look that friendly.

I was standing there besides a cow who was almost standing six feet away from me. As soon as my mom went in the cow came and stood right next to me. I guess it sensed I was afraid of her 😕

All of a sudden it started licking the handle of my scooter, rubbing it’s ears against it, and sniffing our grocery bag. I got worried because we had veggies in it. And it looked hungry too.

7 minutes of her and I just standing there.

That was it I went in and yelled out at my mom for help, the store owner’s kid just drove away the cow effortlessly, guess I have to learn something from him.

It’s not just that, I meet cows on my way to school too, they scratch the glass windows with their horns , giving me a jumpscare.

Ok, bye for now..



  1. Looks like she has on a formal jacket and tie!

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  2. I would have had a cow 🙂

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