Learning how to cook in quarantine ???

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So……. what did you learn in quarantine ? Singing ? Dancing ? Playing an instrument ? Discover new things ? Try to find your hidden talent ? Yoga ?

Well I did none. What I did was learn to cook , which I thought I’d never do, because I never eat what i make. Mostly because I always made weird stuff. 😐

So this time I tried to make some other stuff . Things that I’ve never made before.


So first up we have a salad. Yep a salad . As you can see it has chickpeas, chicken, potatoes, coriander, peanuts, tomates and spices. I wasn’t expecting it to turn out so good .


Yeah, no this didn’t turn out good . We actually tried making this twice but it was either undercooked and sticky or burnt and dry .

The first pizza tasted really good but it was a bit burnt ,so we made another batch a few weeks later and it tasted delicious 🍕🍕😋

We next made this . Sauteed mushrooms with carrots, fish and chicken .

Time for some dessert !! 🍧

Some mango ice-cream with white chocolate 😋😋

– Abigail 💙💜


Bored in quarantine ?

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What to do if you’re bored
This picture represents everyone when they’re bored in quarantine. Longing to be in the outside world instead of being trapped in your home. But not me , cause I love being inside .
Tips on how not to be bored at home

1.Make use of technology
Watch YouTube videos,
get an ott platform’s subscription, watch movies on that . Learn how to use a computer, make presentations. And if not learn your most desired hobby. Bake, dance, sing, relax, and do stuff . Or just don’t do anything, like me.
Being sane
Now, now I know that y’all are going through a hard time being in quarantine and all. But I’m very happy. This is what I’ve wanted since I was 4 no going to school, learning from home and no unnecessary touching .
Well I don’t know much about this topic since I am 13 . Then why the hell am I writing this blog? I don’t know you tell me.
Well you’ve reached the end of this stupid blog
so you clearly have nothing else to do. To give you a sense of achievement here’s this –
– Abigail 💙💜

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